How to Choose the Right HVAC Filter for Your Home

When it comes to choosing the right HVAC filter for your home, it's important to understand the different types of filters available and the MERV rating system. Generally, filters with a MERV 16 rating or lower are suitable for residential, commercial and general hospital use. MERV 17 to MERV 20 filters are typically used in surgical operating rooms, clean rooms and other areas that require absolute cleaning. To determine which filter is right for you, start by turning off the oven and removing the existing oven filter.

Look for an arrow on the filter that indicates the direction of air flow and draw the direction of the air flow outside the oven with a permanent marker. Next, look at the size of the oven filter, which will be printed on the cardboard frame. Air filters for household cooling systems are listed with height, width and depth dimensions. Using Filter King's filter selection tool can help you find exactly the size, thickness and MERV rating you're looking for.

Fiberglass HVAC filters may be suitable if you don't have pets, allergies or chronic respiratory conditions. However, a high MERV rating on an air filter generally means that the filter is thicker and that the HVAC system will have to work harder to circulate air throughout the house. Most HVAC units are forced air systems; they literally cause air to pass through a filter and into the rest of the house to cool or heat the rooms inside. This fine level of filtration provides more resistance to air flow, which can put pressure on a residential air conditioning system.

But there are filters that are so effective that they don't need to be replaced for another year. Once you know the highest level of MERV your boiler can handle, it's time to choose the best filter for you and your home. Buying a filter that is “close enough” to what your system needs will allow dirt and dust to escape to the vents through the holes and gaps between the air duct and the filter. Replacing the air filter in your HVAC system is one of the most important aspects of regular maintenance.

Many property managers find it better to buy an electronic media filter instead of going to the rental house every month and replacing the filter. In conclusion, understanding how to choose an appropriate HVAC filter for your home is essential for maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Knowing your system's highest level of MERV rating is key in selecting a filter that will provide optimal performance while still being cost-effective. Additionally, using an electronic media filter can help reduce maintenance costs while still providing superior filtration.